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Emotion and performance:
3 experts report

Gaël Allain has a PhD in cognitive psychology; Paul Raymond is CEO of Alithya; and Lazlo Brock is founder of Humu – and all three argue that emotions are an important factor in our work performance. Denying our feelings would cut ourselves off from an incredible force for good that can be used to rally, engage, communicate, and build team spirit — provided, that is, we don’t let ourselves be overwhelmed by them.

Emotions are inseparable from performance

Based on an interview with Gaël Allain, scientific director at My Mental Energy Pro.
The main rule for governing your emotions, according to psychologist Gaël Allain, is tomaintain your mental hygiene. “Our brain manages everything:our intellectual resources, the information it receives from outside, and our emotions. When we’re tired or stressed, it can no longer provide the appropriate responses” — which is why the brain needs regular rest, especially since emotions are absolutely essential in the workplace. “You can’t divorce the way you feel from the other aspects of your performance,” Allain says. “Emotions play a major role in the way we understand the world. Information with emotional overtones is stored more easily than other types.”


Emotional intelligence is a game-changer

Based on an interview with Paul Raymond, CEO of Alithya, a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation.
Alithyais one of Canada’s leading strategy and information technology consulting firms, and it’s growing fast: from 220 to 2,000 employees in the last eight years. Alithyanow operates on two continents and in four countries (Canada, the US,the UK, and France). Paul Raymond, who has been at the helm since 2011, believes that emotional intelligence plays an important role in supporting the expansion of his company. In 2018 Alithya created a leadership academy to teach its employees how to communicate well, resolve conflicts positively, and develop performance smoothly using a three-module program.


Be brave: express your emotions to your teams


Excerpt from Business Digest N°297, June 2019

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