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Dust down your assumptions

Have you updated your thought patterns and assumptions to factor in the major upheavals of recent years?

Some are probably outdated and harmful, and you need to rejig them.
You can sort things out if you tackle the following three areas:

  • Your clients: what do they really want? Are they truly attached to the human touch? That remains to be seen. The enormous use of digital technology during the pandemic generated an occasional need for human relations, but customers look for personalized service above everything else.
  • Your colleagues: how do they want to work? Should you recruit your people where your offices are located or go and source talent where it’s based? Since employees are working at a distance, do you need to tighten up your management style? As is the case with your clients, adapt to each individual, but keep an eye out for signs of disengagement.
  • Your organization: how can you help it innovate? Should you take the lead in your industry or follow the leader quickly while avoiding their mistakes. Alternatively, should you move forward at a measured but constant pace? Your convictions about this should at the very least be challenged in a fast-moving environment because they might no longer  be right.

Get new recruits involved in this exercise: with a fresh pair of eyes, they will help turn your assumptions around.

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by Sara Brown (MIT Management Sloan Review, May 10, 2022

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