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Do you suffer from the Da Vinci curse ?

The Da Vinci curse has got nothing to do with Dan Brown! Rather, it’s the curse that prevents you from finding your way, a life sentence condemning you to be caricatured as a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. How can you change this burden into a blessing?

The hallmarks of the Da Vinci curse are:

  • An inability to be satisfied with doing one thing;
  • Voracious curiosity;
  • Terror at the idea of having to choose a specific area of expertise, which means giving up so many other exciting things;
  • The feeling you’re wasting your time exploring different possibilities when other people are so determined and unswerving.

But is it really a curse?

  • Yes, it is if you carry on comparing yourself to others in general and people who follow linear career paths in particular. In this case, you’re doomed to feel like a failure.
  • No, if you’re looking to capitalize on the situation. Give yourself permission to follow your passion and try out whatever interests you… one of them will almost certainly become a vocation.

With a bit of introspection, you might also find a common thread to these interests. Last but not least, admit that this much-vaunted career “path” might not last a lifetime in spite of your powerful initial motivation. And don’t panic! The author declares that “finding your way doesn’t kill your curiosity”.

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