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Creating an exceptional customer experience

The act of purchasing is only the final – albeit crucial – step in a long process of interactions between a customer and a brand. Although the vast majority of businesses now understand the importance of “customer experience” for expanding sales, many firms are still struggling to integrate the approach fully into their operations. The main lever for action is at their fingertips: their own employees!


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Creating an exceptional customer experience


Based on, inter alia “The Value of Customer Experience Quantified”, Webinar of Peter Kriss , (hbr.org, 2015), “Retail’s Future: Where Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Converge”, Eric Feinberg , (Foresee, 2015), “Une entreprise plus efficace grâce à l’expérience employé”, Bertrand Duperrin (www.duperrin.com, 2015) and an interview with Abubakr Safashatri, Marketing & Communication Manager EAU, Marriott International, Dubaï.

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