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Copy, copy, copy: How to do smarter marketing by using other people’s ideas

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The idea that copying is a valid strategy that can be used to create more value is an interesting and unexpected argument!

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What’s wrong with copying? Nothing, says Mark Earls, marketing and consumer behavior expert, who in his latest book controversially tries to remove the stigma from this widely maligned practice. He notes that the most brilliant scientists, artists, and athletes copy the work of others in order to improve on what’s been done before and encourages business leaders to take the same approach in their respective fields. In his foreword to the book, Walter Susini, Global VP of creativity strategy at Unilever, writes, “Copying is paradoxically the best way to make things new and fresh and original.” In Copy, copy, copy, author Mark Earls sets out to improve your opinion and then, once you’re convinced of its strategic value, to give you the tools you need to learn how to copy well, outlining a simple set of questions to keep in mind. He also provides an arsenal of over 50 strategies that you can begin copying immediately and use as the basis for identifying and improving better ideas, faster.

Copy, copy, copy: How to do smarter marketing by using other people’s ideas by Mark Earls (Wiley, April 2015).

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Business Digest nº 239, September 2013.

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