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Conquer the feeling of powerlessness together

Do your employees lack initiative and perspective? Do they do their work properly but rarely go that extra mile? They may be paralyzed by the helplessness generated by the health crisis and the uncertainties it has created. What can you do to help them? Activate the power of desire!

Based on

Gaelle Brunetaud-Zaid, by Gaelle Brunetaud-Zaid, coach and chief transformation officer, True Purpose 

1. Nightmares don’t get you out of bed in the morning 

Our reactions in the face of fear are well-known: We take refuge in the unreal, in denial and paralysis. How can you save your employees from this trap? Avoid taking on the role of savior, even if that’s what they seem to expect. Instead, think about what binds you together*: fear, opportunism or collective belonging? Only the third possibility will help find your way clear.  

The desire to belong to a group is the best long-term reason for being together. Your colleagues are motivated by both the mission and the pleasure of carrying it out together. When they’re committed to serving a cause that is bigger than they are, they will share their know-how and life skills. These colleagues give without expecting a direct and immediate return, since they’re confident that they will eventually be given what they need. These teams are not just successful and creative – they also generate value. 

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Published by Gaelle BRUNETAUD-ZAID