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Chief de-digitization officer (and no, it’s not a joke)

When the time comes when digital differentiation is no longer a “fringe” benefit – and when being digital is the new norm – you’ll ask yourself whatever happened to human relations with all your talents, customers and stakeholders. And when that day is upon is, a chief de-digitization officer or CDDO won’t be a joke any more.

I love bots. Imagine screaming “Book it!” to reserve something or “Get me the bill” if you want to challenge an invoice… trouble is, there normally isn’t an option to talk to a real, non-AI human-being. And that can be really annoying all the same. As the grand digital transformation that we’re all a part of nears completion, it seems that the digital sack race is in the process of killing off all the humans in your ecosystem – especially your work ecosystem. You’ve digitized virtually all your processes with varying degrees of success. And you’re even in the middle of introducing new ways of working together, managing your information, cooperating and occupying your workspaces. What’s more, some of you are beginning to think that you should be looking after your brains to avoid digital overload since things are moving all too fast.

But a little question’s nagging away at you: when digitization isn’t a competitive advantage any more – and that time will come soon enough – how are you going to carry on attracting talent, customers and other stakeholders? Are you going to “re-humanize” your company and its commitment to social responsibility – provided, of course, that humans have been placed center stage once more? That’s what real differentiation will be about. And who will be better placed to “de-digitize” all those wonderful relationships that have been drowned out by Yammer or Instagram? The head of HR, or so says Dominique Turcq, whose article I wholeheartedly recommend!

Source: Le DRH sera bientôt aussi CDDO (Chief DE-DIGITALISATION Officer), Dominique Turcq, Boostzone Institut, June 2018

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