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Catching up with leadership pioneer Nuria Chinchilla

Since she joined our advisory committee, Nuria Chinchilla has helped Business Digest get ahead of the curve when it comes to leadership, family-responsible organizations, and women in the workplace. This month, we sit down together for a refresher on her influential, pioneering work.

Nuria has been a professor of leadership and people management at IESE Business School at the University of Navarra in Barcelona since 1984, and she also serves as a business and government consultant. Nuria is widely recognized in the world for her pioneering work on family-responsible, inclusive organizations and for founding an influential research center on leadership and family, the ICWF (International Center for Work and Family)

Nuria has received many awards over the years for her work and is the only woman ever to be included on Spain’s “Top Ten Management” list. In 2008, Stanford University professor Jeffrey Pfeffer wrote a case study about her, entitled “Nuria Chinchilla: The Power to Change Workplaces.” Most recently, in October 2018, Nuria received the Golden Award (INFO) and became a member of the Royal Academy of Economy and Finance.

Nuria is a prolific author. Most recently, this past June, she published a practicum in Spanish of her 2008 book Masters of our Destiny (Pamplona: Eunsa), due out in English in 2019. She developed a new index for the OECD’s “I WiL INDEX 2018 (IESE Women in Leadership Index). Finally, Nuria is currently writing another full-length book, Building a More Human and Sustainable Economy, which is slated for publication in 2019 and, which, as soon as it’s possible, we will certainly be pre-ordering here at Business Digest!

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Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman