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Catching up with Langdon Morris, advisory committee member for over 20 years

Langdon Morris is co-founder and senior partner at Innovation Labs LLC and founding partner of FutureLab Consulting. Both firms share the same mission: to help organizations develop skills and capabilities in innovation. “All our clients know they have to be innovative, but the question is how. We work with companies to respond to this challenge and navigate the uncertainty and tensions that comes with innovation.”

Over the past year, Langdon has served as the Innovation Coordinator at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. This position is in line with Langdon’s long-standing passion for working with young people. “When I left school, the world was so different from what my time as a student had prepared me for, and I expect that other people have the same experience,” he says. “Educational institutions have a certain mindset – one that tends not to be very helpful when you’re a young person trying to be successful in the world. I want to help young people understand the shift in mindset they need to make.”

Finally, Langdon is the author of 10 books on strategy and innovation. And his work with young people is closely linked to the subject of his latest book, The Big Shift, which was published just this past May 2018. Langdon describes the book as an accessible encyclopedia or guide to the rapid changes happening in the world and the shifts in mindset and skills required to adapt. “Ultimately,” Langdon says, “the book is about what’s important in the current moment – what the world is now and what it is becoming – and how to find your way to success.”


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Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman