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Business Digest supports a digital community of leaders at Orange

In 2016, the community “Orange Campus Management” was opened for 20 000 managers at Orange. In January 2018, a new community was created for 1 200 Leaders, called “Leaders Corner.”

In very little time, Orange Campus Management has become the leading digital community, among 10 000 active communities, at Orange. With this experience now acquired, the intention within Orange is to extend its strategy for animating, inspiring, interacting, sharing, and development to another new digital community for the Group’s Top 1000 Managers, deployed on the internal social network Plazza.

The end goal is to bring top managers together around key topics within Orange. The means to this end is a true editorial strategy, with scheduled animating content for stimulating exchange, collaboration, and collective intelligence within the community.Imagine a platform that resembles a social network, where a leader goes for connection and inspiration, where he can find and share news, best practices, benchmarks, and so on.

Orange calls on Business Digest’s expertise in the conception and implementation of the editorial and animation strategy for this community.

What Business Digest brings to this platform:

  • Interest and energy in the community, thanks to a dual expertise in co-creating an editorial strategy aligned to the major subjects and preoccupations of the Group and original, punchy animating of a social network of leaders.
  • Impactful videos and articles from Business Digest’s own publication and curation expertise: trends, inspirations and key ideas that encourage reflection, discussion, and action.


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Emmanuelle Meylan
Published by Emmanuelle Meylan