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Agile and visionary leadership: Business Digest’s specialty

Business Digest has been observing and reporting on leadership and management trends and innovations since 1992, and is constantly developing its various areas of expertise to inspire ever more visionary and agile leadership.

From close monitoring of trends to publication of a monthly newsletter, organising managerial communities or highlighting research work on management, Business Digest deploys a broad spectrum of expertise.
Our aim: to set practice against theory, the academic versus the decision-maker, experts’ viewpoints versus first-hand accounts by managers.


HR Lab sessions, in partnership with HEC Paris Executive Education.

Several times a year, for example, Business Digest invites HR managers and officers to take part in the HR Lab sessions, in partnership with HEC Paris Executive Education. These events offer outstanding opportunities for meeting people and swapping ideas around a shared issue introduced by a recognised expert.

Feedback from the 53rd HR Lab meeting held on 19 January 2017, with an introduction by Paul Poupet, founder and CEO of Seed-Up, on the theme: “Start-up vs. World company: pragmatism is better than opposition for value creation”.


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Emmanuelle Meylan
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