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Business Digest donates its books to Paris-Dauphine University!

To satisfy the expectations of our readers, we spare no expense! As an observatory and trend-watcher specializing in leadership and strategy, we spend a lot of time reading the latest books published in business. Each year, our editorial team gets its hands on over 150 books. This continual intake means our bookshelves are always overflowing. Just look for yourself!

After seeking the consent of the publishing houses who send us our books, we decided in 2015 to donate some of our books on an ongoing basis to the library of Paris-Dauphine University, a prestigious educational institution in the field of organizational science and decision-making!

Paris-Dauphine University library already counts over 60,000 books in its collection. It aims to be beacon of excellence as a resource and knowledge center. In accordance with the needs and the expectations of its documentation department, we have sorted and classified our donations to facilitate the university’s selection of the books that will most interest its students, lecturers and researchers. Already, about 100 books have been sent from Business Digest and are available right now on Paris-Dauphine’s library shelves.

Business Digest is committed to giving our books a second life, because we are convinced that books transmit knowledge, open minds and promote critical thinking and are thus a cornerstone of any healthy democracy.

If you want to know more about this partnership, please contact Mehdi Ramdani, editor-in-chief: mramdani@business-digest.fr

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Mehdi Ramdani
Published by Mehdi Ramdani