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Bolstering resilience in a remote team

Teams have become increasingly dispersed since 2020, with some even operating 100% remotely. Cultivating the 4 key pillars of resilience in a remote team means introducing measures that are very specific to the hybrid modus operandi.

Based on

UNBREAKABLE, Building and Leading Resilient Teams, by Bradley L. Kirkman et Adam C. Stoverink, Stanford Business Books, 2023

Key pillars 1: Build trust remotely

  • Switch between camera on and camera off formats: video is important for connecting all employees, but excessive use can become intrusive or draining (a syndrome commonly referred to as “Zoom fatigue”).
  • Switch between schedules for geographically dispersed teams so that you don’t always (dis)advantage the same locations – avoid routinely aligning yourself with “headquarters” time.
  • Remind colleagues about your organization’s mission and values at every video session – they are easier to forget when working remotely rather than face-to-face.
  • Share as much strategic information as possible with your teammates so they feel included as “insiders” in spite of their remoteness.
  • Get an update from colleagues during team video meetings: “What is your top concern this week?” or “How is your energy level right now?”
  • At the same time, raise the frequency of one-on-one meetings (over the phone or by video) so you can discuss individual needs (and think about organizing coaching support for employees who are struggling).
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Marianne Gerard
Published by Marianne Gerard
Marianne graduated from HEC in 1998 and is now a freelance journalist specializing in management and higher education. What really fires her up is the human dimension and she is c taking a psychology course at Rennes 2 University.