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Little Find

Are we nearly there?

How can you conserve your energy when you don’t know how far the finish line is? That’s a key concern of a mushers. They have to manage their sled dogs, who are going flat out but don’t know if they have another 5 or 50 miles to run. A fitting parallel to the current health crisis, whose end is also unknown.

Sled dogs know an awful lot about their environment. But when they’re in a race, they have no idea where theyre running nor how long it will takeSo it’s up to the musher to indicate when to stop to eat, drink, and warm themselves. The dogs are just desperate to get going againOne musher draws parallels between his sled races and the current situation, and offers this advice: 

     This is a test of endurance of unknown lengthso save your strength even, and especially, if you feel you’re in great shapeEnforced and frequent breaks will ensure that you don’t run your batteries down too fastIt’ll be easier to recharge them than if you stop only when you’re completely spent; 

   Don’t postpone self-care: get some sleep, ask for help if you need itand spend time with loved ones. Prepare yourself for the long haul. 

Be your own musher — channel your energybut also that of your colleagues so you can see this through. 


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by Blair Braverman (The New York Times, 23 September 2020).

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