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Animating a digital community of leaders at BNP Paribas

Business Digest has had the honor of partnering in the animation of BNP Paribas’s digital community of leaders, the Leadership & Management Academy, since 2011. In this collaboration, we bring our expertise in leadership and management trend-watching, publishing, and animation of digital leadership communities to the table. Gayatri Khanna, head of the Leadership & Management Academy, describes her experience of our partnership.

“Business Digest has been our partner supporting the Leadership & Management Academy since we launched in 2011, and accompanying us through our re positioning in 2016 that involved integrating all Leadership Talents (approx 5000 future senior managers) into the existing community of Senior Managers (Top 2500).
Business Digest’s trend-watching expertise helps to keep us connected to important innovations in leadership and management around the world.
Their expertise in editorial strategy helps to keep us sharply focused on identifying and responding to the needs of our community around collective leadership issues and business priorities.
Last but not least, Business Digest’s high value content serves to inspire our community to move forwards together to more connected, agile leadership in alignment with our business transformations.”

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Caroline Schuurman
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