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AI and knowledge workers: The perfect team

AI is becoming increasingly intelligent and now knows how to recognize concepts, contexts and meaning – resulting in new forms of cooperation with humans. It’s up to us to find the best possible synergy.

Knowledge workers will be able to collaborate with improved AI in several ways: 

  • By adding and testing hypotheses: AI has functioned like a black box until now, without showing its reasoning, which has proved tricky for, say, medical diagnosis. But clinicians can now “query” the model and test their own hypotheses.  
  • By involving experts upstream: Cybersecurity programs are enhanced earlier in the analytical process with input from experts, who understand the motivation of hackers and the degree of risk incurred by a business. 
  • By developing AI’s expertise: A call center upgraded its quality of service and productivity when AI learned to spot the micro-expertise of each advisor and to direct calls to the most suitable member of the team. The technology takes account of everyone’s progress and automatically updates employee profiles. 

In a nutshell, AI will help you develop your collaborative intelligence. 

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« Using AI to make knowledge workers more effective »

by Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson (Harvard Business Review, April 2019).

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