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the African Revolution

Vivatech 2019 put the spotlight on Africa and its entrepreneurs. The continent is full of opportunities and new markets, with entrepreneurs aiming to develop their talents and know-how to empower Africa so that it can enjoy its own digital revolution.

Macky Sall, the president of Senegal, announced during his speech at Vivatech that: “Africa missed out on the industrial revolution but it won’t miss out on the digital revolution.” And for good reason! The continent’s population is rising steadily, the economic and political context is calmer, and relations and trade between its countries are improving. In short, Africa is moving towards an environment that is increasingly conducive to new technology-driven business development.

Three African entrepreneurs at the heart of this movement told us how they are contributing to the expansion of AfricaTech. In Ethiopia, Amadou Daffe runs Gebeya, a company that spots and trains African talent; in Niger, Bosun Tijani founded Co-Creation HUBas an innovative, technology-led solution to socio-economic problems; and in Nigeria, Yannick Lefang’s Kasi Insight employs cutting-edge research methods and AI to help firms in seven countries tackle a frequent issue: the lack of recent data on local markets.

These start ups are working on AfricaTech’s major development areas:talented profiles, technical solutions and growth analysis in a variety of potential markets for the continent’s companies. The three entrepreneurs agree that they are benefiting from a context in which things are starting from scratch, and where every opportunity is waiting to be seized, unlike in western countries, where there is a well-established base and infrastructure from which innovation is emerging. There is also a Pan-African culture that they lay claim to and aim to develop, making this a different kind of exercise and an exciting experience.

Based on:

the talk entitled “Making African Integration Work for Africa’s Tech Industry” given by Amadou Daffe (GEBEYA), Yannick Lefang (KASI INSIGHT) and Bosun Tijani (CCHUB), facilitated by Arnaud Le Gal (LES ECHOS), Vivatechnology, May 16, 2019.

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Emmanuelle Meylan
Published by Emmanuelle Meylan