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Business Digest N°283 (february 2018)

Why was it that the “Calm” app, which has been downloaded more than 6 million times, was Apple’s choice for App of the Year in 2017? Why is the “My Mental Energy Pro” app rapidly gaining popularity in professional workplaces since its launch by a French startup 2 years ago? Why has Ikigai, a Japanese method of understanding one’s reason for being and reconnecting with the joy of living, been spreading like a wellness wildfire?

It is because people are tired, a fact that cannot merely be chalked up to the bad January weather. They are not only tired, but also unwilling to admit it. It is a taboo subject in France, but the numbers don’t lie: 36% of French people have already experienced burn-out . And the French are not alone: one out of every five people in Japan is at risk of death due to overwork .For decades now, the risks of chronic stress have been receiving significant attention.

To cope, two approaches are needed. The first is understanding stressors and doing what you can to eradicate them. The second approach aims to prevent stress from becoming chronic. By learning about the most helpful stress management disciplines, practices and routines, you and your teams can avoid sliding into unhealthy patterns.

This is the subject of one of our reports, which we consider to be a major individual and collective challenge.

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1. National enquiry by the CFDT «Parlons travail» 2017
2. White paper on « karoshi », cabinet of the prime minister Shinzo Abe, 2016.

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Françoise Tollet
Published by Françoise Tollet
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