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5 tips for hybrid management

You’re called on to manage a mixed team: employees on site 100 percent of the time, people working 100 percent remotely and those who divide their time between the two solutions. Overseeing their coordination and cohesion is delicate, especially since precious face-to-face contact is diminished or nonexistent.

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Vous devez gérer une équipe à géométrie variable, entre vos collaborateurs 100% sur site, ceux 100% à distance et ceux qui partagent leur temps entre les deux solutions. Assurer sa coordination et sa cohésion est délicat, d’autant que la distance fait perdre le pouvoir du précieux face à face.

Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere by Tsedal Neeley (Harper Business, 2021). 

1. Understand the (de)localization 

Develop a clear and precise idea of the location (and state) of your troops – which isn’t simple, since hybrid work blurs boundaries. 

  • To map out your hybrid set-up, draw up an outline that distinguishes between remote employees, in-person colleagues and “hybrids.” Indicate the days when people are on site and when they overlap. 
  • Be aware that remote work (part-time or 100 percent) shatters the geographical equality of in-office work, where each team member is the same distance not just from their colleagues and boss but also has access to the organization’s physical and material resources (archives, photocopiers, etc.). 
  • Observe the dynamics at play: Do sub-groups of employees tend to form? (Example: employees working remotely on Wednesdays and Fridays versus those working 100 percent virtually or 100 percent face to face, etc.). It’s your job to prevent clans from forming. 
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