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Looking ahead: the future of business technologies

The pace of technological breakthroughs accelerated over 2017. Here are 5 technologies about which you are sure to hear more in the coming years: VR and AR,1 vocal assistants and bots,blockchains, and clean autonomous vehicles!

How much progress did you make around digital transformation in 2017? Did you grow more inspired or more cynical about the impact of new technologies for your leadership and business? Regardless of which camp you fall into, technophile or techno-skeptic, your approach to digital technologies is presumably maturing along with the technologies themselves. Here is a panorama of the top 5 game-changing technological advances to emerge over the course of 2017!


1. Aumented reality; Virtual Reality.
2. “Facebook’s Oculus reveals stand-alone virtual reality headset” (The Guardian, 12 October 2017).
3. “Pourquoi Google, Amazon, Apple (et d’autres) misent gros sur les assistants vocaux intelligents?” by Mehdi Ramdani (LinkedIn, 7 September 2017).
4. “Alphabet Just Bet the Company on Artificial Intelligence,” by Lisa Calhoun (Inc., 25 May 2017)
5. “The future of messaging bots and chat for business,” by Chris Messina (Medium, 28 March 2017).
6. “A Charge of Bots – The Tech World As We Know It Is About to Be Rewritten,” by Phil Libin (Medium, 8 April 2016).

Excerpt from Business Digest N°282, December-January 2017-2018


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Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman