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5 articles you (might) have missed this summer

Circular Economy
« How companies can assess their readiness for the circular economy » (INSEAD)
The ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ economic model has reached its limits. The increasingly popular concept of the circular economy is to rethink product design to be “made to made again’. This article provides key guidelines towards a successful transition from the old model to the new.

Diversity & Inclusion
“Why Women Get Criticized for Being Candid at Work » (The Atlantic)
Is it possible that gender-based expectations make it difficult for women to support each other at work? This article explores the power of gender-based stereotypes on workplace relationships and how they shape your behaviors.

« This is the link between employee motivation and their manager’s mental state » (Fast Company)
Your mindset as a manager shapes the behaviors and attitudes of your team members. This article outlines two opposing mindsets with dramatically different impacts on employee engagement and performance: an innovative mindset versus a conservative mindset.

Corporate ethics
« Why CEOs Can’t Stay Silent in the Wake of Events Like Charlottesville »(HBR)
After the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, a number of CEOs including Apple’s Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have taken strong public stands, condemning racism, violence, and anyone supporting white supremacists. Meanwhile, however, many other CEOs continue to struggle over the right response and even to question whether it is their place to respond. This article explains why all leaders need to take a strong stance against racism.

Digital & tech
« Do we need a speedometer for artificial intelligence? » (Backchannel)
Certain AI researchers are working to develop a more precise picture of how fast technology is advancing. By measuring progress – or lack thereof – in different tech areas, they aim to reveal the most advanced fields and how best to adapt to those advances.

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Caroline Schuurman
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