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Responsible business, new ways of working, economic growth in Africa, and more… Here are 5 not-to-miss articles published in November!

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!

What Businesses Need to Know About Sustainable Development Goals, Harvard Business Review
In a global campaign to fight poverty, the UN General Assembly is mobilizing companies to be more responsible. What are the objectives? And how are companies getting on board?

Your Company Needs Independent Workers, Harvard Business Review
With the new business models that are emerging today comes new ways of working, characterized notably by a growing number of independent workers. What are their profiles and tendencies? How should they be managed?

Why Self Promotion Is Not the Best Route to the Top, Knowledge@Wharton
According to Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte, self-promotion is not the ticket to achieving your ambitions: the key to success is self-confidence! An interview with one of the 50 most powerful women in New York.

Dueling with Lions: Playing the New Game of Business Success in Africa, bcg.perspectives
Africa is currently the site of a chess game that pits African businesses on one side and multinationals on the other. Contrary to established ideas, the latter do not always have the clear advantage…

Four fundamentals of workplace automation, McKinsey & Company
As more work and knowledge tasks are automated, a number of jobs will have to be redefined. What are the organizational and managerial impacts of the ongoing breakthroughs in AI?

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