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Action Tip

Ready for change? There’s a solution that’s perfect for you

Tackle your shortcomings by taking corrective action.

Based on
Why the Fuck can't i change

Why the fuck can’t I change by Gabija Toleikyte 
(Thread, 2021). 

1/ Are you a procrastinator? Take action now!    

Never manage to put your nose to the grindstone? You just need to take things step by step. 

  • Start off by … doing nothing! Take breaks to get your brain (your prefrontal cortex) ready for efficient action.  
  • Make a list of your daily/weekly jobs. Which chores can you group together? Which can you delegate? And which can you drop altogether? Keep only the jobs that are essential. 
  • Determine your procrastination profile so you can act effectively. If you’re a : 
    • Perfectionist procrastinator: Set yourself a finite amount of time to produce a first draft/lay the foundations of a project, even if it’s far from perfect. (You’ll come back to it during the next stage, when it can be fine-tuned.) 
    • Anxious procrastinator: Ask for support from your team, and/or a coach. Use stress reduction techniques (see below). 
    • Dreamy procrastinator: Review the progress of your tasks, with outside help, if possible, on a regular basis. And be realistic when estimating your abilities/performance. 
    • Rebellious procrastinator: Focus on the usefulness/purpose of the work assigned to you. 
    • Emergency procrastinator: Add sources of positive excitement to your life (such as sports) so you don’t artificially pump yourself up with the adrenaline rush of always leaving things to the last minute. 
    • People-pleaser procrastinator who doesn’t know how to say “no”: Find other ways to make connections with people. Prioritize your tasks. 
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Marianne Gerard
Published by Marianne Gerard
Marianne graduated from HEC in 1998 and is now a freelance journalist specializing in management and higher education. What really fires her up is the human dimension and she is c taking a psychology course at Rennes 2 University.