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Jugaad: the alternative to degrowth

The jugaad mindset offers an alternative to degrowth, and it deserves to be rediscovered since it responds to:

  • The drop in purchasing power. Clients can no longer afford costly innovations with low added value.
  • The need to preserve natural resources. Water and fossil fuels must be used intelligently.
  • Vital needs that are not covered at present. Basic banking services or medical consultations are still inaccessible to millions of people because of their cost or the distance involved.

The economic crisis must not prompt you to slow down innovation plans – quite the opposite, in fact! Draw inspiration from the frugal mindset, and keep things simple: satisfy the customer’s needs without looking for what would be “nice to have”; exploit existing resources and technologies by converting them from their initial purpose; last but not least, remember that an organization in small agile units is better than a centralized model.

Transform yourself into an alchemist and create more with less!

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Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits

by Navi Radjou (TED Conference, 2014).

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