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Le livre d’or du coaching

Edited by Franck Bournois and Thierry Chavel (Eyrolles, September 2013)

Our selection:
Coaching is no longer “the icing on the cake.” It has become a standard practice and an established profession. Whether you are a coach, a manager, or simply someone going through change, this book addresses your interests. Edited by Franck Bournois and Thierry Chavel, it features testimony from thirty passionate experts in the field who share a plethora of enriching ideas, experiences, and analyses. Neither militant nor dogmatic, this “golden book” of coaching presents a range of approaches that nonetheless possess a similar sensitivity. Coaches and managers alike can discover ways to improve both how they practice and think about their jobs. “In the beginning, there are relationships, connections, and a lively, inclusive process…” A book to be appreciated little by little…or all at once!

Why we chose this book:
First and foremost, it doesn’t preach or promote any one particular coaching method over another. It offers broad perspectives that reflect the considerable evolution of coaching in recent years. In addition, there is nothing obscure about its discourse. Testimony is clear and to the point. You can pick and choose among chapters according to your needs and interests, and learn how current developments in the field can help coaches (and coachees) improve in their jobs.

Françoise Tollet
Published by Françoise Tollet