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Book synthesis

2030 : me, my garden, AI and mankind.

New technology is going growing exponentially, at rates in excess of 10 percent for several years in a row now. This snowball effect has the potential to disrupt our lives for the next 10 years. It’s time to get ahead of the curve.

AI and quantum computers are progressing exponentially. The human brain, however, doesn’t know how to grasp this type of growth. It underestimates its impact and makes erroneous forecasts. This hasn’t put off Azeem Azhar, however, from trying his hand at predicting the future. He shies away from a dystopian vision, instead highlighting a number of major trends that require attention, intervention and regulation – all of which will be upon us sooner than we imagine. The year 2030 is just around the corner! Here’s what we should expect.  

Based on

Azeem Azhar (Random House Business, 2021).  

Trend no. 1: Biased algorithms everywhere 

When did algorithms begin taking over the world? It’s been 10 years now since the world’s largest company hasn’t been an oil corporation but Apple. Big Tech companies have been quick to take up monopoly positions and steal the crown from multinationals with tangible assets. Tech giants are endlessly consolidating and expanding their dominant position by investing in R&D on a colossal scale and through buyout strategies.  

And they’re now meddling in the public domain too – managing personal data, for example – and holding you hostage to their platforms: You wouldn’t want to lose your business network by quitting LinkedIn, would you? Where else could you go?  

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