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Rifkin and the Age of Resilience

The insight provided by a futurist, even if it does not always prove correct, helps us picture the future and embark on change. Jeremy Rifkin takes the risk of being mistaken about what he calls “the age of resilience”, which will become the new normal.

There’s no point in looking for yesterday’s world: there’s no going back on the changes you are going through even if we manage to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions. What mindset will help you adapt?

  • Try to develop an awareness about your vulnerability. Human beings depend more heavily on nature than they would like to believe, and it is gradually dawning on us that we are no longer all-powerful.
  • Be curious about this changing world and pay close attention to new experiences.
  • Forget about efficiency and productivity at any price. Resilience is based more on diversity and redundancy than on finely-tuned, lean processes.
  • Switch from growth to “prosperity”: investigate forms of work and economic models that are more about circularity, cooperation and the horizontal economy – and which, in general terms, value quality of life more than GDP.

Do you find the challenge difficult? Go and look for help from members of Generation Z – they’ve embraced this age of resilience already!

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Jeremy Rifkin : Nous devons apprendre à fleurir et non plus à grandir

by Jacques Braunstein (L’ADN, November 2022).

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