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My crystal ball is hazy!

Do you wonder why you keep on planning for the future when there’s a never-ending stream of crises and unpredictable disruptions? Don’t give up! Your plans may be wrong, but at least they prompt you to take action and make decisions.

Futurists don’t look to be exact and precise when making their forecasts: they know how risky a practice it is. Futurist Amy Webb recommends using their approach and mindset as your cue rather than focusing on the end result:

  • Keep a close eye on developments, especially advances in technology, on a regular basis and as widely as possible. Watch out for trends and innovations that don’t appear to be relevant to your industry: they could well shake it up one day or radically change it!
  • It’s better to take a large number of small decisions that you can fine-tune rather than one major decision that runs the risk of taking you down the wrong path.
  • Don’t give up thinking about the future but do be flexible enough to change your plans at very short notice.
  • If you tend to be paralyzed by uncertainty, start from a potential future you could have a few years from now, and then work backwards to the present day so you can identify the series of actions that help you get there. And now spring into action!

Your ability to make decisions quickly and readjust matters more than the accuracy of your forecasts!

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