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From anxiety to action in Gen Z

Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) is suffering from growing anxiety: economic, health, geopolitical, and climate crises – they have been spared nothing. Wrongly described as indecisive, Gen Z has actually taken up these issues and is acting on them.

Pragmatic and realistic, “Zoomers” are well aware that their efforts alone will perhaps not be enough to solve the climate crisis. But that hasn’t stopped them taking up the issue – no climate skeptics here – and taking action.

  • Through purchasing power. Gen Z is choosing brands that commit to protecting the environment and 71% of Zoomers buy secondhand clothes. They are thus helping initiate change in an industry that uses a huge amount of resources.
  • Through everyday gestures. 61% of them recycle on a regular basis.
  • By speaking out. In 2020, 36% of young Americans took part in a protest or a political rally, or signed a petition

This is a generation that has chosen action to manage its climate anxiety. And it is employing the same strategy on issues such as diversity, inclusion, racism, and economic equality; and Zoomers now include some of your clients and colleagues…

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EY report, 2021.

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Florence Meyer
Published by Florence Meyer
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