Liberated company: Dream or reality ?

Is “corporate liberation” merely a new trend that will trigger yet another flurry of reorganizations? No, the phenomenon is set to last, if we are to believe some of the leaders who have taken this path. The liberated approach isn’t revolutionary. It is simply part of a wave of transformations that began several years ago with the aim of developing agility by capitalizing on shared leadership.

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Liberated company: Dream or reality?


Based on Freedom, Inc.: Free Your Employees by Isaac Getz and Brian M. Carney (Crown Business, 2009); “Créer une performance durable” by Christine Porath and Gretchen Spreitzer (Harvard Business Review , November 2015); and Reinventing Organizations by Frédéric Laloux (Nelson Parker, 2014), an interview with Alexander Gerard, head of the inov- On group and CEO of CHRONO Flex and an interview with Chrystèle Verfaille, head of digital acculturation, BNP Paribas.